Thursday, November 3, 2016

Baseball and Blogging or Blogging and Baseball

My name is John Thompson

In 2009 I founded Abilene Baseball Academy in Abilene Texas. After coaching players as a volunteer in youth leagues since I was 18 years old I decided that I wanted to try making my passion my professional business. For as long as I can remember baseball has been a true passion of mine. I loved playing it back in the days when my body could handle the stress of it and as it fell apart I started becoming involved in working with youth players. It has been 30 years now since I was the given the title of COACH. In that 30 years as I look back on it it is funny because I feel as though I have learned more about the game than I ever did as a player. I know for certain that I have. 

Today I am starting a blog. I dont even know what a blog is or why it is called a blog. But if I continue to BLOG I am confident that somewhere in the next 30 years I will learn what a BLOG is. I am going to use this Blog (I like saying that word) as a avenue to express my feelings and opinions on the game of baseball and teaching the youth of todays game. I will share my honest opinions about the things that I think is right and the things that are wrong today. Some people will agree and some will disagree. My opinions will be based on my experiences throughout the game as a player and a Coach. 

If I ever offend anyone it was not my intention but just my opinion. I figure that each week I will try and share my thoughts about something that I observed or learned from the game from working with my students or watching games. 

Over the last several years I have penned several reports or articles for my own personal collection just so that I could learn for future use when dealing with young players. It is my hope that maybe something I have to share here in my blogs will be beneficial to other coaches or parents or players somewhere sometime in their life. I would encourage you to send me feedback or ask questions anytime.

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